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Sharing the load by sharing efforts.

The one central place to find the best resources - from prep lists and resources to meal and activity ideas.

We're making it easy for everyone to get the help they need and contribute back as we all adjust to this new reality for the next couple of months.

Have resources or ideas you'd like to share? Email us at or share them here.

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Quickly access all of the ideas from parents that have been dealing with Work From Home (WFH) and school closures for the past couple of weeks. From weekly schedules and educational resources to activity ideas and household duty assignments.

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Share the Load

Let's settle in to our new normal and not just survive, but really thrive. Share the load by joining forces virtually with your community with Parent Pods and find new ways of being social and supportive.

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Get the information and the resources you need to prepare quickly and efficiently. Use lists from those that have come before you.

Figure out what all the new information each day means for your family and your community.

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Just give me the goods:

Here's a full list of resources and ideas, gathered from the community and centralized here. Add to it with your ideas!

Lists of things to have on hand.
Tools + resources.
Powertools. (Launching this week - sign up here)

Beyond lists of resources, we're going to need help to actually make this all work every week. We're building tools that help you set your weekly schedule and divvy up the load.

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