Phase 1 - Prep Like a Pro

The Basics

Safety First.

Practice these 3 things above all else:

1. Wash hands with soap for 20 seconds - why? Soap destroys the virus but it takes a bit of time. Learn more here.
2. Don't touch your face. It's how the virus gets from your hands, into your system. The virus doesn't pass through barriers like your skin.
3. Engage in social distancing. Because the virus is transmitted by coughing/sneezing, keeping your distance when you're near others limits the potential you get it.

Tell the kids.

Read this article by the NYT to figure out how to talk to your kids and what to tell them.

For older kids, this
comic is factual but approachable (and making it into a comic book doubles as an activity!)

Get stocked up.

Here are the basics.

This is a starter list - feel free to add to it. Note that in most places, grocery stores will remain open so you don't have to go crazy stockpiling. You just want to minimize running out to the store all the time. So start with a supply for 14-30 days. And if you head to the store, practice the Safety First basics.

- Household Items
Drugstore + Prescriptions
Activity supplies

Now gather the troops.

It's been a lot. We know. A lot of information. A lot of worry. A lot of change. But you're now prepared to lay low and tackle it head on.

The next challenge is to make sure your friends and loved ones are equally prepared - mentally, emotionally and physically. If you have influence with anyone - your parents, a baseball team, your church etc, find ways to help everyone in the community get prepared and understand how important it is we all do our part to stay at home and keep everyone safe.