Phase 2 - Tools + Resources

Keep the old routine to create the new schedule.

1. Build your new schedule based on your old routine. Eg. even if the kids aren't going to school, maintain recess and lunch times.

2. Everyone exercises or gets moving/outside at least 2-3 times/day

3. Maintain kids' activities and socializing. We've got some ideas on how.

Have a tool or resource that everyone can benefit from? Share it in the docs below or just email and we'll get it added!

Resources Central

Schedules + Activity ideas.

Figure out the schedules that work best for you. Build the kids' schedule first, then overlay your work and chore responsibilities on top.

See a
sample schedule here, with activity ideas to populate in each block.


Most of us will be eating all 3 meals at home - something we rarely do. We'll need all the ideas we can get to make it simple.

See lists of
meal ideas here (and add your own!).

Educational materials.

For all of us worried about the kids falling behind, here are resources to lean on.

Power Tools - launching this week - sign up here.

Sunday Planner

Planning out the week is even more important now that there are 3 meals to cook, schooling and activities need to be set and managed, loads of chores and work schedules that need to align with childcare needs.

Use this quick tool to plan out the week: 1. set schedules 2. assign responsibilities 3. figure out any gaps or places you need help from the community.

Build your Pod

For a lot of us, we're going to need to lean on the people around us to get through this. Whether it's stints of childcare or just emotional support, create your ParentPod with your group of families. Share resources, information and help.