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Welcome, parents.

We're on a mission to build products that give parents the confidence and tools to parent like a pro, everyday.

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This corner of the internet is reserved for you. Where sleeplessness loves company. Where peanut butter is a food group. Where discovering crushed Goldfish in your purse feels bizarrely calming. And where constantly worrying if you're doing enough feels like a national pastime (especially now!).

Over here, we’re busy asking: What if you could tap the collective wisdom of parents like you — without having to pick up the phone, surf the internet or read a book — and have it served up to you in a way that you could actually use? What if you always had a plan to tackle whatever life throws at you (hello, coronavirus)? What if parenting felt ... just easier?

Wouldn’t that be magical?  

It’s time for the world to catch up to the realities of modern parenthood. We're lightening the parenting load by making it visible in one central place, using technology to make it more efficient, and making it easy to collaborate with all the people in the mix, without needing one person to manage it all.

It's time this parenting thing got some perks.
Welcome to the club, parents.
Let’s do it together.
— Avni + the Modern Village team
🎉 We're excited to announce the launch of Milo - the smart, savvy assistant that all of our families need, especially right now.
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